Couple of Random iOS Tips

The iPhone has been released for 7 years now and we are now at iOS 7.1, waiting for the announcement of iPhone 6 and iOS 8. As new features appear or as old ones evolve, it’s sometimes hard to track all the useful tricks in the current version of the OS. So here’s a few random ones:

  1. Spotlight search is accessible by pulling down from the middle of the screen (and not from the top of the screen, which reveals Notification Center).
  2. Tap with 2 fingers when editing text, to select the paragraph.
  3. When entering a URL into a textbox, such as in Mobile Safari, tap and hold the . button and there’ll be options to enter .com, etc.
  4. The iMessage app sends both text (SMS) and iMessages. When the bubble of a message you sent is green, it was sent as text and when it’s blue, that message was sent as an iMessage.
  5. You can create your own custom ringtones – for e.g. by trimming a section of a song with iTunes – on the desktop and then sync it to your iPhone.
  6. You can search for text in Mobile Safari by tapping the URL bar, typing in your search term, then scroll down the list and look for the last section named “On This Page”.
  7. When the built-in flashlight is on, tap the camera button in the lock screen to off it.
  8. In Mobile Safari, when the URL bar is minimized and the bottom toolbar is hidden, tap either the status bar or the bottom of the screen to reveal them.

Have more interesting tips for us to add? Let us know.


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