The game also known as Big Two, Deuces, Thirteen, Da Lao Er, Dai Di, 鋤大D and Tien len.


  • Play against engine
  • Clean user interface, drag to play, 2-finger swipe at the bottom of the screen to pass
  • Game state saved between sessions
  • Score tracking
  • Option to change card deck/back


  • A detailed explanation of the game and rules are available at Wikipedia. But here are a few variations:
  • Every round start with 3 of Diamond.
  • Three of a kind can be played.
  • At the end of each round, each remaining card counts as one point, points are double if there are ten or more cards, triple if there are thirteen cards.
  • If a player does not play his/her strongest card(s), causing the next player to win, the player will incur all the points on behalf of the other 2 players who lost.

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