Regex for Mac OS X

Regular Expressions Testing Tool

For Mac OS X

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Fast, simple and to the point


This app is awesome and easy to use. It not only does its job well, but helps me learn about regular expressions.

Like the new, clean look of the app


I like the new, clean look of the app. It's a vast improvement over the previous UI. Also fixes many of the issues I had with it.

Generate a regex quickly


The app works fine and I can generate a regex quickly.


  • Automatic generation of regular expression from sample data
  • Immediate feedback. Dynamic highlighting of matches as you modify the regular expression or sample text
  • Automatic escaping of special characters when copying a regular expression
  • Automatic unescaping of special characters when pasting a regular expression
  • Supports capture groups
  • Supports matching options such as case-insensitive matches
  • Supports positive lookahead, negative lookahead
  • Supports positive lookbehind, negative lookbehind
  • Supports backreferences
  • Fast and Dead-simple to use