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Table of Contents

  1. The Interface
  2. Editing and Testing Regular Expressions
  3. Generate Regular Expression Automatically
  4. Copy and Pasting Regular Expressions
  5. Tutorial for Writing Regular Expressions
  6. Bugs or Feature Requests

The Interface

The user interface of Regex primarily lets you edit the regex and test data along with various options for matching and capture groups.

There is a (normally hidden) text area that lets you enter sample text to automatically generate regular expressions from. Clicking the Generate Regex button will reveal it.

Editing and Testing Regular Expressions

You'll primarily spend time editing in the regex text area and the test data area to create the regular expression that you want. As you edit text, the test data will be highlighted accordingly to the selections you have made in the Capture Groups and Matching Options panels.

Generate Regular Expression Automatically

Regex lets you generate regular expressions automatically by entering sample text that you want matched into the Sample Text area. If it isn't shown, clicking on Generate Regex will reveal it.

Enter multiple lines of data, with each line representing data you want the resulting regex to match.

Since there is no fixed way to write a regex, this is best used only as a first-cut of the regex. You can then continue to modify the resulting regex as well as test data to achieve what you want.

There's a slider that lets you tweak the generality of the regular expression generated.

Copy and Pasting Regular Expressions

When the regular expression is copied from the regex text area into another app, it is automatically escaped, The reverse happens when a regular expression is pasted into the regex text area.

Tutorial for Writing Regular Expressions

See the Tutorial.

Bugs or Feature Requests

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