Advanced Features

  • Push notification support for Twitter Direct Messages and Mentions, showing new messages in the application badge
  • Configurable push notification sounds
  • Support for iOS 4 fast app switching
  • Support for iPhone 4 with hi-res icons
  • Pictures, tweets and direct messages are now sent in the background for 3GS running iOS 4 and iPhone 4. There is a setting to disable background sending.
  • Send DMs directly from system-wide Contacts app. You can now link Twitter accounts to your system-wide address book. Besides adding information to the address book, you can now tap on the "Twitter DM" field in a linked address book entry to start composing a direct message to that recipient.
  • Themes
  • Twitter Lists
  • Photos search
  • Multiple Drafts
  • Multiple Twitter accounts support, with quick switch support
  • Support for updating user profiles from within SimplyTweet, including profile picture
  • Bookmarklet Support
  • Full landscape support (including timelines, drafting and photo viewer)
  • Tweetshrink support (both tweets and DM)
  • URL shortening with TinyURL,, and
  • Send Twitter direct messages longer than 140 characters
  • Unread tweet indicators for all themes
  • TextExpander support (you need TextExpander app installed to use it. Configure shortcuts in TextExpander app, enable sharing, and you get to use them in SimplyTweet)
  • Instapaper mobilizer support
  • Instapaper Support
  • Read it Later Support
  • What The Trend Support
  • Posterous Support (multiple photos and video upload) with hashtags converted to Posterous tags
  • TwitPic support (multiple photos)
  • yfrog support (multiple photos and video upload)
  • TwitrPix support (multiple photos)
  • TwitVid support (video upload)
  • Browse Twitter conversations - display the reply chain of a message all in 1 screen
  • Browse conversations between you and another person - display the tweets between you all in 2 screen
  • Bigger text option
  • Option to hide avatars in blocked list

What the users are saying

"I've been using SimplyTweet for over a year and I have yet to find a better Twitter app for iPhone. It's simple, fast and pretty. I completely endorse this app." - Sebastien Page -

"SimplyTweet takes the lead in the iPhone Twitter client race." - Stephen Ingraham

"A solid Twitter app that can hang with the best of them" - AppShouter

"When you load the app to read your pushed Tweets you’ll find an app with more options than you can shake a stick at." - the-iBlog

"This twitter client is in a class by itself!" - ki6ryg

"SimplyTweet has become simply awesome" - mrholder

"The app is simple to use, yet does almost everything any Twit could want!" - SunnySweet


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